Web Services Overview

soket.com Web Services Information


soket.com web services allows external applications to access the event calendar information housed in soket, limited to the Member credentials supplied in the web services call. This enables the event calendar information to be displayed in a world beyond soket.com.



A community can be one of 2 things.

1 - Group of calendar events sourced from more than One Voice –   Example, a small business association would want to display on their web site   all calendar events for small businesses that are in their association. Each   small business would have its own voice. The events from each different voice   are pulled into a community.

2 – A view of One Voice’s calendar events.

Community Members

Sources of information that make up a Community.


Details of calendar event that has been posted by Member in soket   application.

Title, Image, Start Date, Start Time, End Time, End Date,   Description, Location (Name, address_1, address_2, city,state,zip.


Subscriber to soket application. Also known as User. Provides calendar   event Information.


A social networking tool that supports calendar event handling as   part of its many social networking features.


Communication Channel that Member has created that owns the calendar events   posted in soket

Data Structure:



Security Access Steps:

Tokens have to be obtained in a certain sequence for access to data (examples shown in GET method for clarity).

1. Obtain Member Token


Above will return token in format chosen


2. Use Member Token to obtain list of Voices  available to Member


Above will return list of voices along with Voice Token for each individual Voice the Member has access to. These Voice Tokens are required to access event data.


3. Use Voice Token to access list of events


Above will return details of events associated with the Voice.

With all of the above completed, you now should be able to access all Web Services operations.

Operations Available as part of soket Web Services:

1. /member/auth?user_name=.......&password……

Obtains the member token that allows access to the list of voices for a member.


    i.      user_name  -  soket userid

   ii.      password – password for soket userid


2. /member/voices?member_token=………

Obtains the list of voices, voice information, voice tokens and any community ids. The voice token is specific to a voice and is used to obtain additional information.


    i.      member_token – member_token obtained from MemberAuthRequest


3. /voice/{voice_id}

Provides specific details on one voice.


    i.      voice_id  – id obtained from MemberVoiceRequest


4. /voice/events?voice_token=….&next_page=…&previous_page=…

Provides details of events for one voice.


    i.      voice_token  – Voice voice_token obtained from MemberVoiceRequest

   ii.      next_page – used after initial request. Value provided by data returned from request.

  iii.      previous_page – used after initial request. Value provided by data returned from request.


5. /voice/{community_id}/events

Provides details of events for one community.


    i.      community_id – Voice community_id obtained from MemberVoiceRequest


6. /event/{event_id}

Provides details of a specific event.


    i.      event_id  – event_id obtained from VoiceEventRequest


7. /voice/{community_id}/connections

Provides details of connections for a particular community


    i.      community_id – Voice community_id obtained from MemberVoiceRequest


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