How to create a social event web site plug for your social event voice in soket.

Who is this for?

People that maintain the active social networking voice within soket for a business that has a paid subscription to soket social networking services. This functionality is not available to users who only have "My Voice".

Note: this article's focus is on how to create a new social event web site plug for your voice in soket. To understand how to display these social networking events on your business's web site and customize the look and feel of the plug, please review the other articles about the soket social networking event plug in the developer forum.


Why do I need the soket social networking event plug?

The soket social networking event plug gives you the power to share the details of your social networking events that are in soket with web sites (that you authorize) who add the event plug code to a web page within their site. This means that existing web sites that promote your business can also be given access to display up to date events related to your business with little effort. Note: each social networking voice that you have within soket will require its own event plug.


How many event plugs can I have per social networking voice?

This depends on your subscription but each paid voice can have at least 1 social networking event plug.


Can I customize an event plug to match the look of my web site?

Yes, the soket social networking event plug can be customized. Please see our article on How to customize the soket social networking event plug for full details.


How do I create an event plug for a voice?

 Creating a default event plug for your social networking voice is very simple.

1. Login into the soket web application

2. Select the social networking voice you wish to maintain.

3. Click on the Manage text at the top of the page to reveal the drop down options and click on "Plugs".

soket social networking show events on website plug manager


4. Click on the New Plug button


5. A popup will appear where you select the default template you wish to use and then click the Next button. Note: "Blank Template" is targeted for advanced users as it contains no code and will display nothing prior to being customized.



6. Enter in a name and description for your new plug then click the Create and Configure button.



7. You will then be taken into Plug Settings where you authorize the domains - see article on How to authorize a web site to use the soket social networking event plug in Tips & Tricks.

Congratulations, you have now created a social event web site plug!

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