WordPress - Adding the soket social networking events plug to your site

Who is this for?

People responsible for maintaining the content of a business's WordPress web site where the business has a paid subscription to soket social networking services. Business will also need an active social networking voice within soket to generate the social networking events to be displayed.


Managing social networking event listing in WordPress

If your current web site is using WordPress to manage content, it is very easy to create a page that will show your events that are currently listed in the soket social networking event calendar. 


Why use the soket social networking event plug?

This saves you from having to manually add / maintain events yourself in multiple places. Once the event is added to soket, it is available to your web site as long as you have created a page to host the soket social networking event plug! They will always be up to date based on what you have in soket.


What do I need to do to add my soket social networking events to my WordPress site?

It is a very simple 2 step process.

  1. Within the soket web application approve your web site to view soket events for your social networking voice.
  2. Copy and paste your unique event plug code from the soket web application to the page in your WordPress managed web site where you wish your social networking events to be displayed.


WordPress - creating a page to house your soket social networking events


WordPress - adding the soket social networking event plug to your WordPress Page

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